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Hello world!

I have a specific idea for this blog here that I am now about to start. Basically, in simplest terms, I love movies. If I could just set up tent and live inside a darkened theater as reel after reel of film rolled on and on, I would be the happiest man alive. So this is how things are going to happen. Every time I see a movie, I am going to do a post on this blog. Any movie, any time, any place. Old or new. New release, just caught on DVD, caught the last 15 minutes of on TV. Any and everything. Even movies that I end up seeing again, they’ll be written about again. It could either be one word deals like, “Wow!” or *vomit noises* or long three page essays on the influences of Italian Neorealism on the Fast and Furious saga.

I decided to do this about a week ago but haven’t gotten around to trying this up until now so I’m going to do a little catch up on some pretty cool flicks I caught over this past week.

And that’s all there’s going to be to it. This is not meant to be a thorough critique and review kind of thing but just things I’m thinking about when it comes to every movie I see. More of a writing exercise for me to exert some more of my writing muscles. Hey, who knows, maybe at some point someone will actually read this blog and it won’t just be me talking to air.


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