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About 45 Minutes Worth of Frequency

frequencyWell, I said I’d review anytime I came across a movie for any length or period of time.  So, I was bored tonight and ended up watching about forty five minutes worth of the Dennis Quaid/Jim Caviezel starrer Frequency.  Anyone remember this movie?  Came out back in 2000 and its about a son who is able to communicate with his dead father thirty years in the past through his old ham radio because of some…solar flares or something in the sky, I guess?  Who knows.  Kind of what I like about this movie.  It never tries to explain its ridiculous plot and just goes along with what would happen if this kind of thing happened between two characters.

I’ve seen this movie before and it’s a surprisingly good, effective little sci-fi story with an emotional father/son undercurrent that gets really cheesy towards the end.  I caught the part where they finally realize they’re talking THROUGH TIME and the son is able to save the father’s life and CHANGE TIME.  The movie is kind of crazy in its concept but deals with it so matter of factly that it kind of boggles the mind.  And the rules of it are all kind of iffy.  It’s hard to say who remembers what and how the ripples go and the kind of parallel the past and future have to each other as they run concurrently.

Most of the scenes I caught were of Quaid in the past and are easily the strongest from the little I saw of Caviezel’s scenes. Quaid has a great charm and charisma that really carries his disbelief at what’s going on in a really entertaining way. Caviezel’s character buys into things way too easily and almost scarily. Geez, calm down Jesus. It’s just your usual every day solar flare time loop deal. Calm down. I guess Caviezel doesn’t inherit his dad’s coolness under time travel stresses.

It’s the music in this movie that just kind of saps all the energy out of this thing though. The score is such an overbearing unsubtle hammer to the thing. It’s basically the type of score that tells you exactly how to feel at each and every moment nudging you in the shoulder like an annoying friend who thinks everything is way too subtle for you. Luckily, I switched channels and decided to move on to other things before the whole serial killer plot really kicks into high gear which takes up much of the plot of the movie. I definitely remember it being my least favorite part and when I tuned in for the last 15 minutes, I definitely remembered right. Once it takes over the plot, it kind of becomes a bit of a murder mystery bore, although it’s kind of cool when things the father does effects the son’s present although once you try thinking on it, your eyes go cross eyed and nothing really makes sense anymore.

Don’t really try to think this one through. It’s an entertaining little sci-fi flick without the special effects whiz bang with some good character stuff in it. The father son bonding moments over the ham radio are really done great and Quaid is especially good in it and kind of makes me wish he’d do more. Well more good stuff. I try to forget Vantage Point happened. Or Smart People. And apparently he’s in GI Joe this summer. Damn it, Quaid…


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