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Additions to the Sidebar

I’ve added a couple of things to the sidebar that I feel I should make quick mention of. For the past few years, I’ve kept an active list of movies that I need to watch that I try to update as often as possible of movies that have just come out that seem interesting and that I may want to watch. I’ve noticed there have been a few underrated gems that I would want to see but would just move past by me and I would completely forget about it and move on. To stop that, I started keeping a list of those movies and now I’ve decided to keep it here. Also, I have a list of classics that I need to watch, just to make sure my film education gets all of the very best that stand the test of time. Any suggestions for additions to those lists you care to share? Let me know and I’ll put it in if I haven’t gotten around to it.  This is a film log after all.  And so now, I have an official digital log of all the movies I will ever see.  Let’s see how that all goes, shall we?


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