A recent college graduate with an inordinate amount of free time on his hands and an avid follower of film who just needs a place to store all his thoughts on the movies he sees from day to day. And that is a lot of movies. And an overflow of thoughts that now seem to feel the need to float on to the internet.  Yay world.


3 responses to “About

  1. Caz

    Hey, just been having a look at your blog. Good stuff so far. Added you to my blogroll so I will be back.

    • Nash ⋅

      Thank you so much! Appreciate the kind words. I’ve mainly been doing this to keep busy and exercise some long dormant writing muscles so any criticism or comments you care to make on any posts, would be great. Thanks again.

  2. JOnKEnna

    Hi Nash, I just realised I think you subscribed to the blog of mine which is of less interest to you. I don’t know if this means you won’t see most of the film related posts. Zip over to http://filmvan.wordpress.com/ and subscribe there for more movie stuff. Of course you’re very welcome at my regular blog too. Glad to have you at both.

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