Marvel Movie Mayhem

The Avengers

I suppose the hype has finally gotten to me.  All week I’ve been devouring the cinematic lead up to this weekend’s The Avengers, a culmination of Marvel Studios long journey in creating a cohesive comic book universe in the movies.  That’s right, a week straight of Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger.  One would think this has made me a raving mad loon in anticipation of this weekend’s mammoth blockbuster.  That, unfortunately, was not the case.  While for the most part fun and care-free, the general emptiness and sloppiness of most of these movies pretty much brought me down to earth and has stemmed my overwhelming anticipation of Joss Whedon’s turn at the superhero table.  Not to say I’m not still looking forward to it but I am more realistic about how things are going to go down this weekend. Continue reading




Josh Trank’s Chronicle has an intriguing premise in taking the superhero genre and transferring it to the Youtube generation.   Trank’s film takes the, well-worn at this point, found footage gimmick, and forms something both familiar and yet, completely unique at the same time.  The built up teen angst that provides subtext for most comic book superheroes provides the spine of the film as we meet Andrew (Dane DeHaan), an inward, lonely teenager who decides to film everything around him.  Along with his sensitive, faux philosophizing jock cousin Matt (Alex Russell) and popular class president Steve (Michael B. Jordan), they find a mysterious object that inexplicably gifts all three with telekinetic abilities and superpowers.  The rest of the film follows the young teenagers as they use their powers in all the ways that you would expect young teens to use them as they get frighteningly stronger and more powerful.

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